What are the advantages of working with «VEDEXPERT»?


Services, like ours, are offered by other companies on the market too. But if you study their activity you will see that the majority of them are transport-forwarding or customs-broking ones. The main aim of such companies is to sell shipping and customs services. Certainly they can help you to make up standard contracts and answer standard questions.
But you have to be ready to cope with conducting all the foreign economic activity and solving related difficulties because particular specialized companies cannot cover a wide range of questions and you will be bound to the specific supplier which does not guarantee one best quality with best price.

Our key advantage is a long-term experience in arranging any kind of foreign economic activity deals. We analyse every stage of operations which allows to avoid or at least minimize problems. Customs clearance of goods is made by permanent brokers of the company that is why the job is done quickly and effectively. We are not the agents of transport companies and do not have to sell their services. Just on the contrary, we work with reliable companies which provide a wide range of flexible services. As a result our customer receives goods at optimum price.