In order to estimate the cost of our services, we suggest you looking through the list of operations  made by any company which imports goods to Ukraine:

  1. 1. Finding a supplier abroad, negotiating, agreeing the conditions of the deal and making contracts;
  2. 2. Opening a currency account in the bank, converting currency and transferring it to the supplier;
  3. 3. Finding a broker, making a broker agreement and presenting all the documents for registration in customs office;
  4. 4. Looking for a transport company, making a contract, placing an order for transport;
  5. 5. Finding an insurance company, making a contract for cargo insurance;
  6. 6. Finding a Certification Authority, drawing up  permissions and certificates which are necessary for customs clearance, making a contract;
  7. 7. Agreeing with the supplier goods accompanying documents;
  8. 8. Presenting the documents to the carrier, customs broker and Certification Authority;
  9. 9. Controlling  cargo’ s route, terms of payment to all parties of the contract and transferring necessary sums;
  10. 10. Making account and tax calculation of all operations;
  11. 11. Being a member of FEA, a company bears administrative and criminal responsibility before Customs Authorities and reports on requested documents.

We are ready to take resposibility for all these operations. The price of our services is calculated on the percentage base from the price of goods fixed by the supplier (according to the invoice). It can vary and depends on different conditions –  price of consingment, volume, complication of the job, conditions and frequency of deliveries.
The budget of the deal is written down in the contract and «VEDEXPERT»  is responsible for its fulfillment.


«VeDExpert» does not sell transport-logistics, broker`s, certifications, insurance and any other services which are  the parts of FEA deal. That is why the price of the services for our clients does not contain our extra charges. Invoices are sent to the customer as they are, thus they  save their costs.

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