Welcome to  the site of  Foreign Trade Support Center «VeDExpert»!

We started in 1995 as an exclusive supplier of machinery and equipment for the aviation plant and as an organizer of exporting  products of the plant to the external markets.
Up to the present we have been dealing with delivery and sales of  aviation machinery, metals, electronic goods, construction materials, highly accurate machines and industrial lines to the domestic market and overseas.
Currently we provide our customers with wide range of international trade services, starting from the search of supplier, arranging initial negotiations,  making foreign trade contracts to delivery of certified goods to the customer’s  storehouse. Due to our great experience we are able to adequately assess  the hardships appearing  on every stage and minimize them  timely ,which leads to cost saving of our customers.

Our services will be profitable for you if:

- you have small volumes and not frequent deliveries, and managing your logistics service is not justified

- you have large volumes and frequent deliveries but you are willing to direct all the company’ s resources to  its core activity

- you are planning to reduce financial expenses and  save time on maintenance of your own logistics service.

We offer you services with the help of which you can optimize your business. Applying to us you save your financial and time costs on conducting your own foreign economic activity service and get the possibility to focus on you core activity thus becoming highly competitive on the market.