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Running modern business requires frequent deliveries which leads to dealing with international trade. For general managers who have no experience in solving such problems as customs clearance and export-import of goods it is quite difficult to deal with Ukrainian and Foreign Customs Legislation. The best solution in this situation is outsourcing of  FEA. It means that your company transfers its functions of foreign economic activity to another company which is specialized in this field. So, committing us solving your FEA matters you get a chance to use great experience of our experts in customs clearance, international shipment, currency operations, control of export-import deals etc.

On the first stage The client by himself or with our help should find a supplier, negotiate and agree the conditions of the forthcoming deal. For the further job we suggest  2 options.


«VEDEXPERT» is a foreign trade agent which takes part in payment.    
Our responsibilities and power are appointed by the internal agreement of the committee
«Client  – Agent». This agreement contains what goods and which supplier the Agent should buy from. As an agent namely we purchase imported goods but the owner is our client. Formally, the importer in this case is the Agent, that is why our clients do not deal with customs authorities. Final stage is transmission of goods, account documents, detailed report of expenses  to the customer. Surely all financial operations are paid by the client.


The client buys from us customs cleared and certificated goods on the beforehand agreed price. This option is simpler than the first one in documents arrangements and tax registration.

In both cases the deal is made on the territory of Ukraine, the currency is hrivna which saves you from currency calculations and control.
Both options suggest minimum participation of the client. «Vedexpert» centre is obligatory to take part in paying for goods. It gives us the status of an importer and possibility to do the job at full capacity.



If your company is interested in running business in Ukraine, we are ready to provide you with the following services:

  • - Introducing the interests of your company in Ukraine,
    - Finding the goods you need and  exporting  them to your address,
    - Consulting on conducting foreign economic activity in Ukraine,
    - Consulting and supporting on how to get certificates for goods,
    - Consulting on customs and currency legislation.

If you have partners or representation in Ukraine but you have difficulties in conducting export-import operations we offer our standard «FEA OUTSOURCING» service.

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